About The CLR Bridge Fund

The Mission of the Dr. Charles L. Rasmussen Bridge Fund

is to provide service to the community and a “bridge” to distressed and at-risk children, youth and adults undergoing the stress of change. The board believes this mission is best carried out by empowering educational goals, counseling and through the discipline and tradition of the martial arts. Its goals are service to each other, the community and the world; education to give people the power and ability to serve; and the study of martial arts (including its tradition of service) to give people the discipline and self-assurance to serve.

Board Members

  • Nancy Hollander
  • Timothy Jacobson
  • Patrick Trujillo
  • Teresa McCord
  • Jennifer Martinez
  • Ahmad Assed
  • Rob Jones
  • Christian Kidd
  • Nawid Farhad
  • Ann Pelletier
  • Preston Marsh